Film Scanning

Are you missing some of your favourite pictures, but the negatives are still in the photo pouch? You are in luck, most often we can bring them back to life, as if the photo was made yesterday!

Caffenol Lab provides only high quality scans at this time. Each JPEG image is typically between 9 and 25 megabytes. We can also provide TIFF files ranging from 25 – 850 megabytes.

35MM Film Scanning
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35MM Colour / B&W Slides Scanning
Such as: Agfa, Ektachrome, Kodachrome…
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120 (61mm) Medium Format Film Processing
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Scanning Old Negatives / Slides & Photo Restoration Services

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Scanning 8mm / Super8mm Film Reels to Digital

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See the Film Processing page to have your film processed.