Kodak Elitechrome ISO 200 – 135

Kodak Elite Chrome 200 offers moderate contrast, along with excellent color and image structure. It is ideal for general outdoor or daylight picture-taking under moderate to low-light conditions. The film is designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash. You can also expose it with tungsten illumination (3200 K) using filters.

Use Elite Chrome 200 Film to produce color transparencies (slides) for projection. You can make duplicate transparencies by direct printing. To make color prints, you can print transparencies onto color reversal paper. Or make internegatives for printing onto color negative paper. You can also scan transparencies for digital printing and for Photo CD applications.

Elite Chrome 200 Film is a member of the “Select Series” of Kodak films. The Select Series offers serious snapshooters and photo enthusiasts the widest selection of high-performance films. This film is expired, and a strict limit of ONE PER CUSTOMER applies. – We recommend taking off your shoes when shooting this film, it is among official relics of grandeur perfection! – RARE – KEPT FROZEN!

Kodak Professional EliteChrome ISO 200 - Daylight - 135 - 35mm - Brantford Photo Lab - Caffenol Lab